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Create Inclusive physical and virtual spaces that allow Youth to meet and bond with their Communities contribute to civil cohesion and advance Youth cognitive, emotional and social skills

Building Future Leaders

and Social Entrepreneurs 




Ownership sharing

The Gulmohar foundation is a Youth Led organization working with an objective of creating future leaders and social entrepreneurs through capacity development, Volunteering and Global Citizenship Education.

Youth empowerment and Capacity Development focusing on young bloods is the major area of working of the organization and it takes into consideration the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Why We Work With Youth?

Oftentimes young people have only been perceived as learners, but considering their distinct spheres of action in terms of social, economic and educational aspect within the society, they should be recognized as essential agents of change, as leaders, educators, advocates and learners.

In this context, young men and women must assume active roles in the development process with their creativity, potential and capacity to bring changes at local and global levels. The Gulmohar Foundation is committed to empowering youth by providing a platform where young people can meet, share, and work together to drive sustainable changes in different dimensions of society.

​We are looking forward to enhancing the capacity of Kerala's youth leaders by facilitating dialogues, sharing good initiatives and practices, building communities, and strengthening advocacy skills to build leaders who drive our society in the coming future. 

- Co-creators of TGF INDIA 

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