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Social Volunteer Awards is an honorary award to recognize youth volunteers for their commitment towards the community development and engagement of volunteers, taking into consideration the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. ISV Award will recognize 10 extraordinary youth volunteers, who are changing their lives and initiate impactful changes in the society by sustainable practices.

ISV Awards is an initiative of Institute of Social Volunteering and The Gulmohar Foundation with the support of CAPTAINS Social Solutions. The Gulmohar Foundation and Institute of Social Volunteering aim to build future leaders and social entrepreneurs by empowering volunteers and will connect the awardees with communities and help them to create network of volunteers. The awardees will receive capacity development training, mentorship and access to $250 funding opportunity with the support of CAPTAINS Social Solutions besides the memento and certificates.


Are you a change maker?

You can now apply for the

second edition of ISV Awards

Application Opens on August 20, 2021

Application Closes on October 15, 2021

Want to Nominate a Volunteer? 

Nominate here!

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a citizen of India.

  • Must be of age group 16 to 26

  • Volunteered a minimum of 200 hours in a volunteering project spread over the past two year.

  • Action must have a meaningful and sustainable impact on communities.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Impact of the project to the community.

  • Level of Innovative approach to problem solving.

  • Commitment of the volunteer to undertake initiatives and engage with community/volunteers.

  • Sustainability of the project submitted for award.

  • Length of service provided by the project to the community.

  • No. of hours spent on volunteering.

  • No. of volunteers engaged in the project.

  • Contribution of project towards Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Achievements/Recognitions received by the volunteer and for  project.

  • Quality of evidence provided through images/documents/newspapers/links.

  • Future plans and initiatives in social field.

Selection Process

  • The selection committee will conduct an initial screening of all entries submitted to the  ISV Awards.

  • A  brief summary of the volunteering experience of Primary Short-listed Nominees will be uploaded on the website of TGF India and Instagram of ISV Kerala to seek the public opinion of the applicant. Nominees can share their profiles to well-wishers but Voting/Like is not a criterion for the selection to next short-list.

  • ISV executive team will further shortlist the nominees (Secondary Short-listed Nominees) and will undergo a telephonic interview.

  • The list of Final-shortlisted nominees will be presented to our expert panel of juries.

  • After final discussion, Our Expert panel of jury will select 10 winners of ISV Awards and will be announced through our social media platform.  

  • Awards will be presented to winners at the ISV Awards Ceremony in Kerala on International Volunteers Day 2021.

Selection Cycle

  • August 20 : Application Opens

  • October 15: Application Closes

  • October 1-20 : Review of Applications

  • October 20 : Shortlisting priority applicants

  • October 20-31: Interview & Public Opinion Review

  • November 1-15 : Expert panel Review

  • November 15: Announcement of Winners

  • December 5 : ISV Award Ceremony​

**In case if we face restrictions in organising the award ceremony due to COVID situations, we will be hosting a virtual award ceremony. The awards will be delivered to the awardee by courier.

For more updates,

  • Institute of Social Volunteering



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  • The Gulmohar Foundation




Email ID: thegulmoharfoundation@gmail.

  • CAPTAINS Social Solutions




Email ID:

For more information,

  • Adarsh PA : +918111820942

  • Jayalakshmi MU : +918281508159

  • Shabin: +919496032495

  • Afsal Mohammed B : +917025721225

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