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A perfect combination of expert Professional Care and Truly Loving Consideration - Bismi

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

We are underway towards the actualization of this definition. The day of Vishu being blessed with a visit to a lonely home , comprising of 3 members. The physical condition of the two mothers were extremely pathetic, so that they couldn't take care of themselves and none of them bathed or ate for days. They had severe wounds and injuries which were so deep to heal. The volunteers accompanied the palliative nurse, Remya who as always delivered her selfless service. With the overwhelming support of the local governing body and the neighbours, we could arrange an air bed and and had cleaned and dressed herwounds.The Panchayat has also decided to admit her in the hospital with an appointed by-stander in the following day.

The help, support and service rendered by the neighbours , local governing body upon everything , the nurse Remya is beyond the limits!

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