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Jagritholsavam- A Retrospection to Nature. - Bismi

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

In this present era of hustles and buzzles, The Perinad Grama Panchayat had successfully organised The Jagritholsavam, citing an example for every other Panchayats.

​The volunteers of The Gulmohar Foundation had a good time at the two-day programme held at Ward-7 of Perinad Grama Panchayat.The programme aims at giving awareness on the necessity to take urgent measures to prevent various communicable diseases in the arrival of monsoon.In addition to this, a wide variety of products made out of natural materials like the ones created from leaves of various trees, traditional food varieties and items of paper-craft works were exhibited.The event was an eye-opener for our present generation who are busy in their own digital world.The children and their parents belonging to their respective wards had utilised their time fruitfully and effectively by narrating stories and reciting poems.Another striking feature of the event was that, they prepared a variety of natural food items and shared among everyone who gathered over there

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